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What excites me about mixed media printmaking is the endless variety and surprising results that can be achieved through inking, achieving textures you can’t achieve any other way. I often use a collagraph print from my handmade plates as an underlying image to build upon, layering other printmaking techniques or adding collage, graphite or pan pastels. Moving collage paper around like a puzzle is also an engaging way to visualize design options. Starting with a general direction for each new piece, I often allow the materials to inform the next move in the creative process.  What I hope to achieve in my art is inspiration for the viewer by connecting to their own memories and experiences, much like the moments of inspiration in nature where I capture an interesting detail with my mobile phone. Taking these images back to the studio the creative process starts again.


Jan Davis is a Silicon Valley based mixed media artist and printmaker who brings rich colors and bold abstracted forms to her work, inspired by patterns and textures found in nature. With nature as the basic component, graphic elements are added to accentuate the natural or even suggest imagined forms in the composition, creating a juxtaposition of the representational and the abstract. She integrates mixed media collage with printmaking techniques to create texturally rich surfaces inviting viewers to take a closer look. Her work is driven by a desire to explore and experiment with new materials and techniques, merging the use of technology with traditional media leading to a vibrant artistic process.

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